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About Tom Sarig

image1Tom Sarig is an experienced leader in the entertainment industry who has built, redefined, and managed some of the most exceptional brands in the business. With over twenty years of experience and a diverse clientele that includes everyone from chart-topping musicians to celebrity chefs, Tom Sarig has established himself as a go-to expert in marketing and branding.

Inspired by his longtime role as president of Esther Creative Group, a talent management company which has guided the careers of major artists such as The Gaslight Anthem, the Violent Femmes, and CAKE, Tom Sarig founded his own company: Evident Branding and Marketing. The boutique consultancy (originally named E-Branded) was first created to source and combine consumer brands with ECG’s musical clients, resulting in unique and exciting marketing platforms that spanned various industries. However, as the company grew, it quickly expanded to also represent lifestyle personalities. Ready to take his work to the next level, Tom partnered with entertainment vet Paul Morgan to reinvent (and rename) his business.

With all-inclusive, personalized approaches to each individual campaign, Evident now stands out as the ultimate resource for branding, marketing, and creative collaboration. The multifaceted consultancy works not only within the larger scopes of food and arts festivals, but directly with certain consumer brands. Tom continues to expand his contact with public companies and Event Branding has carried out initiatives with iconic global brands including Red Bull, Harley Davidson, Urban Outfitters, Virgin, and more.

The success of Evident Branding and Marketing can be credited to Tom’s long history in the talent industry, especially in guiding the creative processes of burgeoning artists and increasing media coverage. Before taking the reins at ECG and Evident, Tom Sarig spent years as a top executive at major record labels like MCA Records/Universal, TVT Records, and Arista Records. He has existing relationships with many of the top influencers in the media– and because he has ample experience in high-stakes negotiations and communications, he is always expanding his outreach.

Tom has the unique ability to create and maintain cohesive brands for multifaceted events, and he loves the challenge of branding complex events such as film festivals and fashion weeks. From securing multi-year partnerships to creating promotional items, Tom is a leader. He and Paul Morgan are steering Evident Branding and Marketing into an exciting new direction.

Tom Sarig also continues to preside over Esther Creative Group, as well as SIKU Glacier Ice Vodka and his own music publishing company, SarigSongs.